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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Once upon a time, there were two ASMs mopping the floor with a bucket of water and rags. Why they torture themselves, only they know.

Gillian: Have you put up the light sticks?

Jeannette: Not yet. LD complained about the light sticks being too bright

again….. I don’t feel like doing it yet. Later la.

Gillian: It’s okay! I can do it.

Jeannette: I’m thinking about how to cover it so there’s minimal light spill but the

actors will still be able to see backstage…

They finished mopping the floor and reluctantly put up the light sticks. They wasted a lot of Gaff tape attempting to cover the light stick so that only 3cm of light stick is revealed.

G: lkasjdfyoipw$£%^&*&*^&^% Can you still see it during blackout?

J: Yeah. Still can see. And now's not even blackout.

G: Fail. I wonder if there’s like 2 inch light sticks.

J: And in blue. Yellow too bright la.

G: There has to be someone who invented it already. I shall google it.


G: Oh my it really exists.

J: !! So we can buy one? Available in SG?

G: No. The sites are all overseas.

J: I wonder if anybody knows if SG has.

G: Oh, it’s used for fishing. Not even for backstage ---

J: If only we had a backstage lobangs site.

G: We should make one!

J: YES! And then we call ourselves…. BACKSTAGE AUNTIES!

A few months later, with meetings, hard work and SEPG, ta-dah!



So begins the journey! As we are only two in a sea of many hardworking, backstage super people, some of which have mountains of experiences, we have decided to call upon fellow super people to help us on this road of consolidating information to give back to the community. We are extremely thankful and grateful for their generosity and willingness to share their years of knowledge, experience, art and skills.

Have a lobang, tip or trick you would like to share? Email us at and we’ll get back to you!

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